Signs Your Ignition Requires Service

Putting your key into the ignition is one of the most basic tasks you have to do to get your car to start. However, sometimes the ignition might not be working quite right. Here are some signs that it is time to take it in to get it looked at and, if necessary, repaired.

The first and most obvious sign of an ignition that needs servicing is a car that makes grinding noises or takes too long to start when the key is in the ignition. This usually indicates a disconnect between the engine and the flywheel. Do not ignore it because it may indicate other problems. If they get worse, then you might end up short circuiting the ignition. This can cause smoke to come out of the hood!

Do you need your ignition serviced? Then come down to our service center at Parks Ford of Wesley Chapel in Wesley Chapel, FL for all your maintenance and mechanical needs.

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