How Motor Oil Viscosity Affects Your Engine's Performance

When a customer has done a do-it-yourself oil change and not getting good engine performance, the fault usually lies in choosing a motor oil with the wrong viscosity rating. Viscosity means the ability of the oil to run more quickly in colder weather or more slowly in hotter weather in order to do its job of properly lubricating the engine.

Put in simple terms, a rating of 10W-30 on a bottle of motor oil can easily be deciphered. This code means the oil has a 10W rating producing thinner oil when the engine is cold, and a 30 rating for thicker oil once the engine has been running and is now hot.

Our Parks Ford of Wesley Chapel in Wesley Chapel, FL service technicians often recommend a multi-grade motor oil, versatile enough to offer a thin or thick viscosity depending upon the temperature. Knowing what viscosity ratings mean helps you to choose the proper motor oil.

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